Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Additional Resources for Medical Professionals

The physician liaison provides a single point of contact for physicians in the community. The liaison links them to the specialists, programs and services offered by Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The physician liaison can also assist physicians in making referrals and navigating our programs and services.

To reach the physician liaison, send an email or call 888.543.7778 during regular business hours.

The medical staff of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is dedicated to improving the physical and emotional health of children. We recognize that protecting the best interests of our patients requires a coordinated effort among all practitioners. All of Connecticut Children’s medical staff embrace a comprehensive view of child health and strive for preeminence in helping each child achieve maximum potential and independence. We emphasize excellence, innovation and leadership to provide the highest quality service to patients and families and to the surrounding medical community.

Connecticut Children’s serves as a major regional pediatric education resource. We serve to provide leadership in developing child health services in our communities, and to advance child health through programs for health professionals, children, families and the community, as well as through research.


The medical staff of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center serves to provide appropriate medical care in a culturally sensitive environment to all patients admitted to, or otherwise treated in or by, Connecticut Children’s. The medical staff provides collegial education, consultation and professional support for its members, so that patient care provided at Connecticut Children’s maintains the highest achievable level of quality, given the state of the healing arts and the resources available.

The medical staff mutually promotes a high level of professional performance by all practitioners, through ongoing review and performance evaluation. Its members form the collegial body through which individual practitioners obtain membership prerogatives and clinical privileges at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Connecticut Children’s medical staff self-governs in accordance with the established Bylaws and Rules & Regulations.


As a member of Connecticut Children’s medical staff, you are associated with the state’s only academic medical center that provides top-notch care exclusively for children. Consistently ranked among the “Best Children’s Hospitals” in the U.S. News & World Report annual survey, Connecticut Children’s is the regional leader in comprehensive pediatric care.

Members of the medical staff have exclusive access to several Continuing Medical Education opportunities, as well as training and research programs affiliated with the University of Connecticut Health Center Department of Pediatrics.

To be accessible and to facilitate optimal communication between referring providers and our medical staff, Connecticut Children’s partners with the referring community through the Referring Providers Advisory Board. The Board meets quarterly to discuss service issues and establish ways to overcome known obstacles, so that patients get the very best care possible.

On an ongoing basis, the Board has three areas of focus:

  • Identify key issues affecting both the community-based provider decision to refer to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and the internal referrals among Connecticut Children’s departments
  • Identify organization-wide referral standards including access, callbacks, care communication, and coordination of ancillary testing
  • Identify and develop referring provider service standards

To learn more about the Referring Provider Advisory Board, please contact Dennis Crean, 860.837.6248.

Connecticut Children’s staff is here to help referring providers obtain medical records regarding their patients for whom we have provided care. Safeguarding patient information is our priority. We limit the faxing of medical records to urgent circumstances only, and in some cases, signed disclosure authorization is required before we can provide the requested medical information.

Practice Use

To request information regarding your patients for whom Connecticut Children’s has provided care, please contact the specialty department directly, at the number listed here. A disclosure authorization form is not necessary.

Patient or Family Requests

If your patients or their parents would like a personal copy of their medical records, they will need to complete and return our Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form. For more information on how to patients and families can submit medical records requests, please visit the Medical Record Information page.

Inquiries regarding requests for access or release of protected health information should be directed to the Health Information Management department by calling 860.837.5780.

Connecticut Children’s is committed to meeting the following standards regarding physician call back response:

  • Routine callbacks – we promise a call back to our referring providers by 5:30 pm the same day the call is received
  • Urgent callbacks – we promise to call back our referring providers within 15 minutes for urgent patient care issues
  • Diagnostic dilemma callbacks – we promise to call back our referring providers within 15 minutes for diagnostic dilemmas

We track our achievement quarterly.

We welcome your feedback. Please send an email to let us know how well we are meeting your physician call back needs.

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