Advocacy Toolkit

Do you want to support the movement to make Connecticut’s children the healthiest in the nation? We’ve put together an advocacy toolkit just for you.

Register for Email Alerts

Your first step should be to sign up to become a Connecticut Children’s Champion, where you will receive monthly updates and action alerts.

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Educate Yourself

Understand the Legislative Process

Creating and passing legislation is complicated. This chart will help you understand how a bill becomes a law. At every step in the process, you have the power to influence your legislators.

Learn Who Represents Your District

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Get Active

Contact Your Legislators

We send out periodic “action alerts” to those signed up to be a Connecticut Children’s Champion. In addition, you can write/email your elected officials at any time. We suggest Speak Now For Kids, a site run by the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA), that makes it easy to connect with legislators. Get tips from the CHA on writing to legislators and making phone calls.

Interact with Legislators on Social Media

Here is a great list of the social media accounts of federal legislators. Make sure to tag Connecticut Children’s on your social media platform if it is relevant. Thanks to our friends at the National Kidney Foundation for putting the list together.

Our partner organizations also offer guidance and materials to assist you in your advocacy efforts:

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