Making the growing years, healthy years.

Experts in fetal care

Surgery on babies with complex conditions, before birth? It's the work of the Fetal Care Center at Connecticut Children’s, led by Timothy M. Crombleholme, MD, one of the world’s most experienced fetal surgeons.

Experts in newborn care

Newborn babies need special attention in the first few days of life. Some need more than others. Providing neonatology care across 14 NICUs and well-born nurseries, we ensure the highest quality newborn care is always close to home.

Experts in infant care

Babies come with many things like surprises and laugh-worthy moments, but not a guidebook! Parents can rest assured our pediatric specialists across 3 states and 40+ locations are here for every twist and turn that is infancy. 

Experts in toddler care

Toddlers are more than little people with big feelings and personalities. And while every toddler has different healthcare needs, they all have the same goal: exploring life. We ensure all of the care families need for their little one is close to home.

Experts in child care

There's nothing quite like kids coming into their own. Some are fiercely independent and others are more cautious. But all of them have health needs and Connecticut Children's is ready to serve your family, close to home.

Experts in teenage care

Teens are impressionable, curious and inquisitive. Most of all, they should be empowered to make informed decisions about their own health. We're here every step of the way.

Experts in adult care

And they're off... to whatever their next chapter is! Bones and brains are still forming well into the 20s, and we're here for the journey into adulthood. 

A Leader in Transforming the Well-Being of Children & Families.

Our community-focused partnerships and programs promote the health of children and families where they live, across Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and Eastern New York. At Connecticut Children's, our team members feel empowered every day because they are vital to our mission—and it shows.

Top Care Network, close to home

Connecticut Children’s Care Network fosters a unique collaboration between 300+ community-based pediatricians and our nationally-ranked health system and specialists, all dedicated to ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care.

Meeting community health needs and beyond

At Connecticut Children's, we serve many communities, each with their own set of needs. Through partnerships, programs and commitment, we play a unique role in public health for children and for their families.

Our commitment through Care Alliances

Connecticut Children’s plays a special role in our community's health -- from birth through adulthood. Through pediatric Care Alliances with Hartford HealthCare and Nuvance Health, we are able to bring the highest level of care close to home.

Making strides in pediatric healthcare

Research means embracing our knowledge and discovering the tools available to us. Innovation means transforming our research findings into new ways of care. Here at Connecticut Children's, we're committed to pushing boundaries and moving healthcare forward for kids and their future. 

A team going Beyond Imagination for you and for each other.

Our team members, many of whom are also patient families, can attest to the fact that Connecticut Children's is a great place to deliver care and be cared for. We cultivate a Culture of Kindness, are committed to diversity, equity & inclusion and don't miss out on a chance to dress as superheroes, not unlike our patients.