PLEASE NOTE: Beginning Thursday, October 1, 2015, a number of clinical areas will transition from a paper health record to an electronic health record system. During the first few weeks of this transition, we ask for your patience as our staff becomes comfortable with this new way of recording patient information. For more information on affected areas, click here.


Dr. Nicole Murray-Posner

Specializing in neonatal and pediatric airway disorders, Dr. Murray-Posner directs the Aerodigestive Team which provides coordinated multidisciplinary care to young patients with complex disorders of the airway, lungs and GI systems. She has extensive experience, and a keen interest in diseases of the tonsils, adenoids and ears that occur so commonly in children.


Pillows With A Purpose


11-year-old Annika joins our blog to share why she sews pillows for patients at Connecticut Children's. Read more »

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