Growing Up Healthy/Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance

Childhood obesity is a multi-faceted issue that requires a coordinated effort from several medical disciplines. Our Children’s Center for Community Research oversees the Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance, a collaborative effort among healthcare providers, public health and social services, local and regional government, educators, advocacy groups, and community members to prevent obesity in children. The alliance integrates the competencies of all the contributors in order to promote healthy, nutritious, active lifestyles for children and families.

With input from all stakeholders, the alliance leverages current programs and develops new methods to promote wellness. Three subcommittees—School, Nutrition and Youth Advocacy—focus on individual components of wellness.

Through the alliance, Connecticut Children’s manages Growing Up Healthy, a program that helps define the role that primary care providers play in preventing obesity. Growing Up Healthy was developed in response to an identified lack of discussion taking place among pediatricians, parents and young patients about the dangers of obesity. The program coaches pediatricians and nurses to counsel families on specific behaviors that may lead to obesity.

Growing Up Healthy ultimately aims to change children’s eating and activity behaviors. The program serves as a model for the positive effect that clinical intervention has on preventing obesity in children.

The Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance actively seeks parent and community participation, feedback, suggestions and ideas for future projects. To learn more about the Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance, call 860.837.5334.