Pediatric, Youth and Family HIV Program

Connecticut Children’s Pediatric, Youth and Family HIV Program is nationally recognized for its care of infants, children and young adults who have been exposed to or infected with HIV. Connecticut Children’s works closely with Greater Hartford community and state agencies to prevent the spread of HIV, facilitate early identification of infection, and to provide resources for HIV-positive youth.

Together Learning Choices (TLC)

Together Learning Choices (TLC) is an HIV prevention program based on the influence that social interactions and environmental factors have on youths' ability to control behaviors that may endanger their health. For HIV-positive young adults age 14-24, TLC teaches skills in problem solving, goal setting, assertive behavior and communication, awareness of feelings, thoughts and actions, and safer sex negotiations. TLC interactive sessions are delivered in small groups in two eight-hour sessions, Staying Healthy and Acting Safe.

The Health Interactive Project (HIP)

The Health Interactive Project (HIP) is designed to increase HIV/STD awareness in youth and to offer HIV testing to high-risk students and those who do not have access to school-based health clinics. HIP reinforces ongoing HIV and STD educational activities provided through health classes in public schools. HIP activities include educational sessions with hands-on activities and uses drama, humor, audience interaction, improvisation and high impact graphics in its interactive theater to inform and educate. HIP also provides one-on-one education and counseling sessions that include voluntary, confidential HIV and STD screenings.

The Hartford Youth HIV Identification and Linkage to Care (HYHIL)

The Hartford Youth HIV IDentification and Linkage to Care (HYHIL) is a consortium of providers who provide outreach, HIV education, youth-centered counseling and linkage to care seamlessly. Through HYHIL, Connecticut Children’s promotes HIV prevention in joint effort with other medical and mental health care providers, faith-based agencies, and community organizations.

Teens Against Negligence (TAN)

Teens Against Negligence (TAN) is a youth group that provides peer education to Hartford area teens. Using drama, poetry, music, videos and many other interactive tools, peer educators teach values, decision-making, communication skills, self-esteem building, violence prevention, STD and HIV/AIDS prevention, and other relevant lessons. Meetings are designed to teach teens how to integrate this information into their own lives. Teens also learn how to disseminate this information to their peers in both formal and informal settings. TAN is designated as a national model program by the AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth and Families.