Connecticut Children’s Care Network is a primary care pediatrician-led organization that combines a nationally ranked children’s hospital, its subspecialists, and community physicians into one network that works to improve patient care for children around the region. As a team, the Network will establish pediatric-specific quality metrics and best practices to provide more coordinated care across the continuum. The network aims to improve efficiency, safety, and the fiscal health of the healthcare system, physicians and patients.

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Our Goals

  • Bringing together community physicians and subspecialists
  • Preparing practices for the shift to value-based care
  • Enhancing standards of patient care for pediatrics
  • Measuring each standard of success through the collaboration of physicians, data scientists, medical directors, and quality improvement specialists
  • Focusing on improving overall community health throughout the region
  • Providing resources for physicians to improve the quality of practice they provide
  • Allowing for cost savings through group purchasing power
  • Helping practices remain competitive in a changing healthcare environment

Benefits for Providers and Patients

From increased access to community resources to group purchasing power, the Connecticut Children’s Care Network improves efficiency, safety, and fiscal health for the healthcare system, physicians and patients.

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Improving the Quality of Clinical Care

Connecticut Children's Care Network offers countless benefits for both members and patients.

Our Leadership Team

Connecticut Children’s Care Network leadership team is comprised of the Care Network Officers, the Governance Board and three subcommittees: Membership, Quality and Finance & Contracting. 

Case Studies

Learn how partnering with Connecticut Children’s Care Network has helped pediatric primary care practices innovate and thrive. 

Member Directory

Since launching in 2019, the Care Network continues to grow and includes pediatric primary care practices throughout Connecticut and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Clinically Integrated Network is a group of healthcare providers who work together to deliver quality care through enhanced care coordination, use of evidence-based clinical guidelines and common systems. Key components of a clinically integrated network include value-based contracting, data aggregation and reporting, clinical leadership and share the common objective of performance improvement.

The network aggregates and shares data between the hospital and the provider, to offer deeper insight into the care of their shared patients. Quality metrics set the standard for evaluating performance. The network leverages care coordination, improved communication and connections to community programs to focus on improving the overall well-being of the patient.

This is your opportunity to be part of a strong pediatric community and implement quality improvement initiatives that actually improve pediatric care. Additionally, you will be able to secure cost savings through Management Services Organization (MSO) services that provide you with group purchasing power. To further improve fiscal health, there are incentive payments available for exceeding quality targets as part of our value-based contracts. Learn more about our membership benefits

The Network does not dictate where referrals should be directed. The overall goal of clinical integration is to improve quality of care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. While we encourage you to refer to Connecticut Children’s, it’s not mandatory.

If your practice does not reach performance standards, a peer review process would take place to determine what your performance improvement actions need to be implemented. If they are still not met, further repercussions may be initiated by one of the committees on the pediatrician-led board.

Our network wants to collaborate with any network who wants to improve quality of care for children. If your practice is part of another network, you may still able to join us. However, network leadership from both organizations will have to meet and work together to develop the terms of their affiliation.

You do need to have an electronic medical record to join the Care Network, but we do dictate which EMR you should use. If you don’t have one, we have a discounted rate with one of the EMR vendors and can connected you with Care Network practices that may have EMRs you are interested in purchasing. 

By establishing a seamless care coordination protocol, along with quality measures, pediatricians will have more time to dedicate to the care of their patients and make appropriate referrals. Therefore, specialists will be able to focus their efforts on patients who truly need advanced services and treatments.

The quality metrics that are measured focus on important aspects of pediatric care, such as well child visits, immunizations, screening, chronic and acute disease management, and hospital and emergency department utilization. Our goal is not to place a burden on your practice, but to strengthen the programs already initiated.

Members of our Network are provided with reports on their performance and will have the ability to make improvements. The medical director and quality improvement specialists consult with and support with all practices on clinical improvement activities.

The network’s population health management tool is built to share patient data that complies with all HIPAA regulations. Additionally, the Network will only use the data stated in the Participation Agreement.

To become a member of the Connecticut Children’s Care Network, contact us online or call 860.545.9632.