Our vivid imaginations fuel huge breakthroughs pushing pediatric healthcare to new limits.

At Connecticut Children's, our mission requires discovery, inquiry and curiosity to achieve clinical breakthroughs and advanced treatments for patients and families. Our physicians, nurses, clinical providers, researchers, and faculty form an ecosystem of research and innovation emerging from our longstanding culture of operational excellence. Together, we work tirelessly to advance lifesaving, innovative treatment models to alleviate the suffering of children and youth. We recognize the critical insight a diverse group of researchers and innovators can bring to our mission. We proudly embrace diversity in our commitment to advance healthcare for kids.

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We're always thinking about how we can do better, how we can optimize our treatments, how we can optimize the science behind the way we make the diagnosis because our patients and families are at the heart of our mission.

Christine Finck, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief
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