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Craniosynostosis – Minimally Invasive

Pathway Background & Objectives

To date, all craniosynostosis patients have been admitted post operatively to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Currently the majority of these children have minimally invasive craniosynostosis repair.  With the minimally invasive surgery blood loss is minimal and there are fewer complications than with the open craniofacial surgeries. Currently these patients are discharged from the PICU on postoperative day 1, or they are transferred to the floor for a few hours and then discharged home. To improve quality of care and patient satisfaction these children can be directly admitted to the medical/surgical floors postoperatively if they meet certain criteria.  This will have cost saving benefits as well as improved patient satisfaction for the families.

The specific objectives of this clinical pathway are to:

  • Improve and standardize care
  • Avoid unnecessary admission to the PICU
  • Reduce hospital length of stay
  • Improve patient and family satisfaction


Download Minimally Invasive Craniosynostosis Pathway Algorithm Updated February 12, 2021

Quality Metrics:

  • Percentage of eligible patients treated per pathway
  • Percentage of patients with use of order set
  • Percentage of patients transferred to the PICU within 24 hours
  • Percentage of patients requiring blood transfusion within 24 hours of surgery
  • Readmissions within 30 days
  • Returns to the OR within 30 days

Educational Module

Download Minimally Invasive Craniosynostosis Educational Module Updated February 12, 2021

Key References

Pathway Contacts

  • Nella Stoltz, APRN
  • Markus Bookland, MD
  • Jonathan Martin, MD


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