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Ovarian Torsion

Updated November 23, 2020

Pathway Background and Objectives

Ovarian torsion is the complete or partial rotation of the ovary on its pedicle, leading to ischemia and potential loss of the ovary.  Early diagnosis can be challenging as ovarian torsion accounts for only 3% of acute abdominal pain in females, and can mimic other more common conditions.  While Doppler ultrasound is an important part of the initial workup, normal ovarian appearance and Doppler flow do not exclude the possibility of torsion. Prompt surgical treatment with operative de-torsion is the key factor leading to ovarian salvage.

The objectives of this pathway are to:

  • Implement a systematic approach to manage patients presenting with ovarian torsion
  • Achieve prompt recognition and rapid definitive surgical treatment for patients with this condition
  • Outline consistent discharge criteria and ensure appropriate outpatient follow-up for patients with ovarian torsion


Download Ovarian Torsion Pathway Algorithm

Quality Metrics

  • Average time from arrival to start of imaging (pelvic ultrasound with Doppler)
  • Average time from imaging to start of definitive operative management
  • Percentage of patients with ovarian preservation

Educational Module

Download Ovarian Torsion Educational Module

Key References

Pathway Contacts

  • Brendan Campbell, MD, MPH
  • Samantha Pelow, APRN
  • Jennifer D’Amato, RN, BSN, MSHI


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