Henry M. Feder, Jr., MD, is an attending physician in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at Connecticut Children’s. Dr. Feder’s clinical and research interests include periodic fever and MRSA.




Columbus Children's Hospital

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Johns Hopkins Hospital

American Board of Pediatrics - Pediatric Infectious Diseases
American Board of Pediatrics - General Pediatrics

Professor of Pediatrics & Family Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

  • Feder HM Jr, Hunt M. Pitfalls in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease in children. JAMA 1995;274: 66-68.
  • Feder HM Jr, Gerber MA, Randolph MF, Stelmach PS, Kaplan EL. Once daily therapy for streptococcal pharyngitis with amoxicillin. Pediatrics 1999;103;47-51.
  • Feder HM Jr, Johnson BJB, O’Connell S et al. A Critical Appraisal of “Chronic Lyme Disease” N Engl J Med 2007;357:1422-1430.
  • Feder HMJr, Bennett N. Modlin J. Atypical hand, foot, mouth disease: a vesiculobullous eruption caused by Coxsackievirus A6. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2014;14:83-86.
  • Ryan JM, Feder HMJr. Dog licks baby, Baby gets Pasturella meningitis. Lancet 2019 25; 393: e41.

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