Dr. Girotto is the co-director of Connecticut Children’s nationally recognized Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. She has been involved in many projects and processes that have resulted in improved antimicrobial use in both the inpatient and outpatient areas. In addition to antimicrobial stewardship, Dr. Girotto’s clinical and research interests include immunizations and pediatric infectious diseases outcomes. Dr. Girotto has provided more than 100 clinical presentations to healthcare providers.  She has also had 75 research posters presented and published 65 journal articles and 8 book chapters.

PharmD, University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy

Pediatric Pharmacy, Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Specialist
  • Infectious Disease Pharmacist
  • Clinical Professor and Assistant Department Head, Pharmacy Practice, University of Connecticut
  • Clinical Professor, Pediatrics, University of Connecticut
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