About Nursing at Connecticut Children’s

Nursing Mission

To provide the highest level of innovative patient care with compassion and in partnership with our patients, families, and healthcare team.

Nursing Vision

As leaders in professional practice, Connecticut Children’s nurses are making the children of Connecticut the healthiest in the nation.

Connecticut Children’s Nursing Professional Practice Model

A Professional Practice Model (PPM) depicts how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest quality care for our patients, families and community.

Connecticut Children’s nurses have chosen a kite to illustrate the alignment and integration of the nursing practice with its mission, vision and values. A kite is designed to maneuver through gusts of wind, similar to the flexible but tenacious role of nursing which requires delivering compassionate care in today’s tumultuous health care environment.

Nursing 2022 Annual Report

This publication showcases the work Connecticut Children’s nurses have done to advance higher care standards and improve quality outcomes.

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