Nurse Residency Program

The Nurse Residency Program provides a supportive environment for all newly licensed nurses with less than 12 months of experience transitioning from the academic setting to professional nursing practice. The program is offered twice a year and supports the development of clinical skills with a focus on communication, time management, delegation, critical thinking, stress management and self-care.

Goals of Nurse Residency

  • Enhance self-confidence and feelings of competency in the new nurse
  • Strengthen the new nurse’s commitment to nursing
  • Identify and address individual learning needs to supplement unit based learning
  • Incorporate evidence based practice linked to patient safety, team member satisfaction and family centered care
  • Mentor novice nurses in the areas of delegation, stress management, time management, critical thinking and self-care practices
  • Enhance clinical skill development
  • Offer opportunities for simulation
  • Assist novice nurses to prepare for clinical advancement

Expectations of Nurse Resident Participants

  • Attend all scheduled residency sessions
  • Notify Nurse Residency Program leaders and your unit manager if you are unable to attend
  • Participate actively in all residency sessions
  • Create a supportive, welcoming environment for your peers
  • Refrain from cell phone outside of scheduled break times
  • Adhere to the Connecticut Children’s dress code policy; nursing uniform or business casual attire is acceptable
  • Identify goals and learning needs with residency coordinator
  • Provide feedback on program presenters and content
  • Complete Casey-Finck Survey at identified intervals
  • Develop Evidence Based Practice Change and present a formal presentation with findings to nursing leadership (Fall Residency only)
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