Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Connecticut Children’s and its partner pediatric practices have worked around the clock to provide a safe environment for patient care – including making sure that kids are getting the vaccines they need.

To share an important reminder to parents, Catherine Wiley, MD, division head of Primary Care at Connecticut Children’s, joins the Growing Healthy blog.

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Vaccines are essential to keep your child healthy.

  • Vaccines can prevent more than a dozen serious diseases.
  • Without vaccines, your child is at risk for getting seriously ill – including pain, disability and even death – from diseases like measles and whooping cough.

Vaccines help prevent future pandemics.

  • The COVID-19 crisis has shown us how dangerous a disease can become when there’s a widespread outbreak. It’s a reminder to make sure your child gets the vaccines that are available (including the COVID-19 vaccin).

Medical experts agree: Don’t delay your child’s vaccines.

  • Many vaccine-preventable diseases are especially dangerous for young children, so it’s important not to wait to get your child’s vaccines. Even small delays leave young babies vulnerable.
  • Even during the height of shelter-at-home orders, healthcare authorities like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considered well-child visits and vaccinations essential care – and reminded parents to stick to their child’s regular vaccine schedule. The takeaway? Don’t delay.

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Vaccines are more important now than ever.

  • Even in the U.S., there are still outbreaks of serious, vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, mumps, whooping cough and polio. Unfortunately, these numbers have risen in recent years. (And diseases eliminated in the U.S. can infect unvaccinated babies if travelers bring the diseases from other countries.) If your child hasn’t been vaccinated, their risk is rising, too.
  • Immunization rates fell in the U.S. and worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic and have not fully recovered- an unfortunate fact far beyond our imaginations. This increases the chances that your child could be exposed to others who are not fully immunized and could therefore spread a contagious illness to your child.
  • As masking and social distancing requirements are relaxed, children who are not protected by vaccines will be more vulnerable to diseases such as measles.

Bottom line? If your child is overdue for a vaccine, call your doctor today to set up an appointment.

Still have questions? Talk to your child’s doctor. We’re here to be a trusted source of information for your family – including questions about vaccines, and how to safely navigate this next chapter of the coronavirus pandemic.

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