Connecticut Children’s Heart Center is with patients for life, starting from before they’re even born and continuing into adulthood. We’re also right around the corner, with six convenient locations throughout the state, and a team made up of leaders in pediatric heart care. 

That now includes pediatric cardiologist James Enos, MD – who joins the Growing Healthy blog for a personal Q&A.

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Why did you choose pediatrics?

Dr. Enos: I was drawn to the long-term relationships with families. You get to meet kids as infants or young children and watch them grow. You hear how they got a blue ribbon in their sport, how they’re transitioning to middle school, what’s changing in their life – and you spend time going over how that’s impacting them. There are so many things that impact the overall health and well-being of a child and their family. In pediatrics, you have an opportunity to learn about all of that, and help.

Why did you specialize in heart care?

Dr. Enos: There have been a lot of really important advances in cardiology over the last few decades. We can diagnose complex congenital heart disease in utero before babies are even born, so we have an action plan in place for a family and baby right from delivery. New cardiac catheterization techniques allow us to treat congenital heart issues in a more non-invasive way. The latest surgical care for congenital heart defects is helping kids thrive and live full and long lives. With all of these different medicines and interventions and treatments, we offer hope for even complex conditions.

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Dr. Enos

What drew you to Connecticut Children’s?

Dr. Enos: I was excited about the opportunity to bring a high level of care closer to home. For a long time in pediatrics, important routine care for cardiology patients – like follow-ups and echocardiograms – was only available in big cities. Connecticut Children’s has made it a priority to change that. We’re increasing the availability of high quality care for kids throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts – from cardiology services in Danbury, where I’m focused, to lots of other specialty locations and NICUs across the state.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Dr. Enos: Our family dog is named Cash, partially after Johnny Cash. He’s a character. He weighs about 95 pounds and looks like an English shepherd, and is built for the snow. Our family moved from Florida to Connecticut in December. We’re all happy when it snows – but Cash is happiest of all.

Dr. Enos’ expertise includes general pediatric cardiology and fetal cardiology. He joined Connecticut Children’s in January 2021.

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Dr. Enos