Whatever your family’s plans, safety is always the name of the game. In this toolkit, Connecticut Children’s pediatric experts share resources for your family. From must-know water play tips to tick and sun protection—and everything in between—we wish you an enjoyable, memorable and safe summer.

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Mom and infant baby outside on blanket, wearing white.

Is it Safe to Take My Baby Outside in the Heat?

One question pediatricians get all the time is whether or not it's safe to take your newborn or infant outside in the blazing summer heat. The answer is yes, but with precautions

Family outside camper in summer, on beach

The 8 Golden Rules of Summer Safety

Amazing summer is also "trauma" season, meaning more trips to the ER for injuries and accidents. Favorite summer activities like barbecues, parties and other social activities each present their own unique risks. Here are 8 surefire ways to stay safe from our injury prevention experts. 

Mom and school-aged daughter apply sunscreen on beach.

Protect that Skin for Summer

What are the do’s and don’ts of being outside in the sun? How do you soothe a sunburn if it happens, and when do you need to call the doctor? Here is your go-to for all thing skin safety.

Preteen girl outside drinking water

How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated in a Summer Heatwave

What are the best ways for us to make sure kids are taking in enough water as we face the inevitable summer heatwave? It all starts with a little creativity. Try some ideas from our nutrition experts.

Mom and young daughter swimming in pool. Mom holding daughter.

6 Must-Know Water Safety Tips

Water play is a major part of making summer memories and many kids are eager to splash around, swim or attend pool or beach parties. However, water can be dangerous and safety is the name of the game. Here are some tried-and-true water safety tips.

Young adult female athlete stretching leg, icing ankle injury

The 6 Rules of Sports Injury Prevention

The longer an athlete is inactive, the longer it takes for them to come back to full activity after a break. Here are 6 tips for an injury-free sports season. 

Hiking trail with tick warning sign

How to Do a Tick Check the Right Way

Summer in New England is prime time for kids to be out in nature! But it’s also prime time for ticks. So before you and your family embrace the great outdoors, check out this tick safety and Lyme disease Q&A.

Young adult female runner bent over, overheated, outside

Recognize the Signs of Heat-Related Illness

What should you look for and what should you do if your child is showing signs of any heat-related illness? Better yet, how can you prevent it all together? Our emergency medicine experts have answers.

An Otoscope

Swimmer’s Ear—Ouch—What Is it?

It’s time for our kids jump into the water for lots of swimming! The not-so-fun part? The possibility of getting painful swimmer’s ear, an outer ear infection. Learn more about what it is and how to treat it.

Preteen girl applying deodorant

When Can Kids Start to Wear Deodorant?

Puberty + summertime = a sweaty combination that probably includes some new odors. What should you know about starting a deodorant or antiperspirant, and are there any health risks? We’ve got you covered.

Two young girls playing joyfully on playground

Prevent Playground Injuries in a Few Simple Steps

Playground injuries are very common, but also very preventable. Follow these tips to make sure your child’s time on the playground is as safe as it is fun.

Teenage females smiling, in street. Motivate your teen this summer.

Parents of Teens: Here's How to Avoid the Summer Slump

For many teens, the summer slump is real, but it doesn't have to be! Our pediatric psychology team shares 6 ways to keep your teenager empowered, motivated and feeling their best when school's out. 

Child blowing nose outside, summer safety tips for those nose

Summer Ear, Nose and Throat Tips Doctors Love

Our pediatric ear, nose and throat team shares summer safety tips to keep the ears, nose and throat in tip-top shape for kids of all ages. 

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