Pathway Background and Objectives

Studies have demonstrated an increasing incidence of pediatric stone disease over the past 20 years. In addition, there has been a shift to outpatient care of patients with nephrolithiasis, particularly to the Emergency Department setting. Despite published national guidelines for the management of nephrolithiasis, there is regional variability in the use of CT scan as initial imaging modality. This pathway aims to establish a multidisciplinary team approach for the management of pediatric nephrolithiasis at CT Children’s.

The specific objectives of this pathway are to:

  • Standardize the approach to evaluation of pediatric patients presenting for suspected nephrolithiasis/ urinary stones
  • Limit repeated exposure to nephrotoxic medications in patients with abnormal serum creatinine level
  • Appropriate referral to subspecialty services when indicated
  • Appropriate use of radiographic studies

Algorithm  Educational Module

  • Percentage of patients seen in the ED who require admission
  • Percentage of patients who have serum BUN/Cr performed
  • Number of patients who undergo CT scan for stone evaluation in the ED
  • Percentage of patients returning to the ED within 48 hours after discharge
  • Percent of patients who received Tamulosin for treatment of confirmed ureteral stone
  • Length of stay (LOS) in the ED for stone event
  • Sherene Mason, MD, MBA
  • Courtney Rowe, MD
  • Eric Hoppa, MD

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