Pathway Background and Objectives

Ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt insertion remains the mainstay of treatment for hydrocephalus despite a high rate of complications. In the United States alone, more than 30,000 procedures to relieve hydrocephalus are performed every year. The 1-year failure rate for VP shunts had been reported at around 40-50% for pediatric patients. VP shunt malfunction remains the most frequent reason for shunt revisions and one of the most frequent complication. Early recognition and treatment improves patient outcomes and decreases hospital stays.

The specific objectives of this clinical pathway are to:

  • Improve recognition of shunt malfunction on presentation to ED
  • Initiate appropriate care for patient with suspected shunt malfunction
  • Prevent delay in treatment and management
  • Improve standard of care
  • Improve patient and family satisfaction

Algorithm  Educational Module

  • Percent of patients with pathway order set usage
  • Percent of patients with deep wound infections
  • Percent of patients with superficial wound infections
  • Number of patients with organ space infection within 30 days of principal operative procedure
  • Number of patients with shunt malfunction within 90 days of principal operative procedure
  • Percentage of patients with cerebrospinal fluid leak
  • Number of readmissions within 30 days
  • Number of patients with return to the OR within 30 days
  • Nella Stoltz, APRN DNP
  • Marcus Bookland, MD
  • Jonathan Martin, MD

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