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The Center for Motion Analysis is dedicated to collecting high quality data to facilitate clinical interpretation that documents deviations in the gait patterns, determines the cause of a gait abnormality and recommends future treatment such as surgery, therapy or bracing.

Connecticut Children’s physicians and researchers are enthusiastic about all aspects of clinical gait analysis and have authored dozens of articles and book chapters concerned primarily with the effectiveness of orthopedic surgery in managing the gait abnormalities associated with cerebral palsy.

Additional research highlights include:


  • Spine motion in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis and how this motion changes after spinal fusions
  • Spina bifida treatment decisions modified with the addition of motion analysis data
  • The impact of body composition and strength on function for children with cerebral palsy


  • Analysis of the baseball pitching motion of male youth, high school and college pitchers
  • Establishment of a comprehensive normal database for running
  • Evaluation of functional tests used for return to sport by physical therapists after ACL reconstruction surgery in adolescent athletes

Surgical Outcomes

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of percutaneous medial hamstring lengthening in children with cerebral palsy to correct sagittal plane knee dysfunction
  • Longitudinal study following pediatric patients affected by cerebral palsy over 10 years after orthopaedic surgery to determine the effectiveness of various orthopaedic procedures
  • Examine torques of the knee joint in children with genu varum (bow leg)
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