Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Quality of Care

Protecting and keeping your child safe is one of the many concerns you might have as a parent when your child is hospitalized. Connecticut Children’s has several measures designed to keep your child safe, including methods of infection prevention, communication of safety hazards and a mechanism for process improvement. These safety measures require a coordinated effort between all staff at the Medical Center and the patients and families who we treat.

Proper Care for Each Child

Connecticut Children’s is committed to providing the proper care meant for your child. Each time a medication is given or a test is performed, our staff checks your child’s identification bracelet to ensure that they are providing the proper care intended for that specific patient. We encourage parents to ask questions about interventions that their child is receiving, and to verify with our staff that they’ve matched the medication or test with their child’s identity.

Daily Safety Check-In

As a part of our effort to provide the safest, highest quality healthcare possible, all hospital leaders at Connecticut Children’s attend daily safety meetings where they can report any current or potential safety issues. This meeting brings together leadership, including nurses, physicians, administrators and others, all centered on doing what is best for our patients and families.

Fall Prevention

Due to your child’s age, diagnosis, treatments or the unfamiliar environment, he or she may be at higher risk to fall while being hospitalized. Our fall prevention program helps identify these children to other people inside the hospital. Look for signs outside of patient rooms which display our Humpty Dumpty tool.

You can prevent falls by making sure that your child wears our no-slide socks when they are walking in the hospital. In addition, always keep the side rails and crib rails adjusted to the highest position when your child is in the bed or crib. Always ask your care team for help if you have concerns about your child’s comfort or safety when moving about.

Process Improvement

Everyday process improvement is very important to continually enhancing the care we provide at Connecticut Children’s.  When we identify an opportunity to improve performance, we employ methods to ensure that all proposed measures will result in more value created for patients, families and staff through the reduction of waste, such as excessive delays, waiting, and rework. Our goal is to make our processes as efficient as possible, with the fewest number of steps required for out staff to provide high quality care.

Making improvements is a continual process as demonstrated in this diagram. Each round of improvement results in a new current state that can then be improved further.

When we identify areas of waste at Connecticut Children’s, we follow a Plan-Do-Study-Act process for implementing improvements. This model guides us through a problem step-by-step. Teams use the model to plan their work, select changes and test changes to ensure changes created the intended effect. This model demonstrates the process.

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