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Vestibular and Balance Program

While it may seem like an easy task for many, the acts of walking, running, or riding a bike can be very difficult for a child with balance concerns. The coordination required between the eyes, inner ears, and brain can be disrupted if there is a weakness in the vestibular (balance) system. Headaches, nausea, anxiety, developmental delays, and difficulty reading may all be signs of a vestibular disorder in children.

Connecticut Children’s Vestibular and Balance program provides a comprehensive team approach to the diagnosis of, and treatment for, balance and dizziness disorders in children. Children can be referred to the Vestibular and Balance Program from a variety of providers, and will receive expert level care from specialists trained in the diagnosis of vestibular conditions in pediatric patients.

The Vestibular and Balance Program multi-disciplinary team includes:

For more information, or to schedule an appointment please call 860.545.9642.

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