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Cancer Supportive Care Services

Connecticut Children’s Cancer Supportive Care Program is dedicated to improving the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social health of children with cancer and blood disorders through family-centered care, research, education, and advocacy.

Directed by Connecticut Children’s oncologist Andrea Orsey, MD, MSCE, the Cancer Supportive Care Program collaborates with medical providers and researchers on a regional and national basis to provide state-of-the-art supportive care for oncology and hematology patients. The program has been recognized nationally for its clinical care and research efforts.

The Cancer Supportive Care Program is committed to providing evidence-based supportive care to patients, enhancing consistency between providers and treatment plans, and providing education regarding supportive care needs of our patients.

Areas of Focus

  • Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Management of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
  • Management and prevention of cardiovascular side effects
  • Pain management
  • Management and prevention of cancer-related fatigue
  • Nutrition
  • Optimization of quality of life

Psychosocial Care

Within the oncology department, pediatric psychology aims to promote the health and psychological well being of children, adolescents, and their families through science and an evidence-based approach to practice, education, advocacy, and consultation.

Psychologists can help your family adjust to a new cancer diagnosis and improve your child’s quality of life. Pediatric psychologists help patients and families who would benefit from learning coping skills to handle pain, stress, or negative feelings. They also work with children who need help managing their illness, behavior, or treatment.

Cancer diagnoses are often highly complex, and following treatment plans can be difficult, thus families navigating cancer treatment may feel overwhelmed. As part of treatment, the psychologist will work closely with you and your family as well as your child’s oncologist to assist in understanding this process.

Pediatric psychologists are trained to work with you and your family to improve health behaviors, such as sleep, diet, and physical activity during treatment. Psychologists are also trained in treating general childhood mental health concerns, such as behavioral problems, anxiety, and depression, which may or may not be related to their cancer diagnosis.

Our Team

The supportive care team at Connecticut Children’s includes:

  • Andrea Orsey, MD, MSCE – A medical oncologist well-versed in the most current research data and clinical innovations
  • Mary Conway, MSN, RN, CPHON – A clinical nurse specialist dedicated to the needs of pediatric oncology patients
  • Emily Kutner, PhD – A dedicated psychologist specializing in the psychosocial impact of pediatric cancer
  • A clinical trials research specialists to facilitate research efforts
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