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REACH for the STARS Survivorship Program

Cancer survivorship brings new challenges to children and their families including access to future health care, delayed effects of cancer treatment, secondary cancers, and quality of life. Survivors of childhood cancers require specialized care that focuses on their unique physical, psychosocial and emotional needs.

The REACH for the STARS Survivorship Program at Connecticut Children’s encompasses research, education, advocacy, continued life and health (REACH) for survivors tackling all roadblocks successfully (STARS). The unique program provides guidance and ongoing support to pediatric cancer survivors along with access to resources to help them improve and maintain their quality of life.

Pediatric patients and their families may benefit from:

  • Personalized recommendations for late effects based on prior treatment received
  • Follow-up evaluations for patients affected by long-term side effects of treatment
  • A comprehensive summary of all treatments received while receiving care at Connecticut Children’s, archived online
  • Access to the latest wellness information and education to encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Access to a web-based program featuring survivorship resources such as message boards, inspirational stories, and peer support and encouragement
  • Opportunities to participate in Children’s Oncology Group advanced patient protocols on the late effects of some treatment regimes
  • Inclusion in outreach events including the Cycle of Life, a pediatric celebration on National Cancer Survivors Day

For more information about the REACH for the STARS Survivorship Program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, please call 860.545.9630.

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