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Autism Spectrum Assessment Program (ASAP)

Connecticut Children’s Autism Spectrum Assessment Program (ASAP) is a collaborative effort between Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, Speech-Language Pathology and Neuro-genetics/Genetics.

It is designed to provide timely and comprehensive medical and diagnostic evaluation of children under the age of five* with a suspected autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Such timely diagnosis facilitates the implementation of appropriately intensive early intervention services, and the recommended neuro-genetic testing.

Children should be referred to ASAP if there are red flags for a possible autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Not all children seen through ASAP will receive the diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, as children will be broadly evaluated.

The primary objective of ASAP is to minimize the wait-time between identified concern of a possible ASD and diagnosis; the ultimate goals are early identification and early intervention. Another objective is to leverage the extensive expertise available at Connecticut Children’s to provide high-quality, standardized diagnostic and medical care to children and their families.

Children referred for evaluation through ASAP will see a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, have an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and other communication assessments completed by a speech and language pathologist, and if diagnosed with ASD a referral will be made to a neuro-geneticist/geneticist.

*Children over the age of 5 can still be referred directly to the division of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics for evaluation and follow-up.

Physician Referrals

Physicians must follow the Autism Spectrum Assessment Program (ASAP) referral process.

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