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Connecticut Children’s diabetes and endocrinology team of board-certified physicians, advanced practice nurses and dietitians have expertise across a broad spectrum of endocrine conditions including diabetes, obesity and sexual development disorders.


Alison Baran, RD, CDE 

Karen Bucci, APRN, MSN, CDE 

Carey Driscoll, CPNP, APRN 

Comalita Elliott, RN, CDE 

Maureen Fearon, APRN 

Brooke Gibb, RN 

Lauren Hurley, RN 

Karen Jensen, RD, CDE 

Michelle Merrill, RN, CDE 

Nancy Paulhus-Orkin, APRN, MSN, CDE 

Michele Perriolat, RD, CDE 

Stacey Reicher, LCSW 

Elena Schneider, PA-C 

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