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What to Expect: EEG

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Welcome! Here we go for an EEG.


Exterior of 505 Farmington

I am going to have an EEG today at Connecticut Children’s. I am having an EEG to check my brain.


Mom and child at EEG check-in desk

First we will go to the check-in window. My mom will tell the receptionist that I am ready for my EEG.


Mom and child in waiting room

We will wait in the waiting room. I can watch TV or play with some toys while I am waiting. I will only wait for a few minutes.


EEG room

The tech will call me in for my EEG. The tech will bring me to the room where I will have my EEG.


EEG tech with mom and child

My tech will tell me and show me what will happen during the EEG. I will listen and watch. I can hold my toy and my blanket. My mom will also stay in the room with me.


EEG prepares child for EEG

I will lie down on the bed. My tech may move the bed when we are ready to get started. This is okay. I will try to keep my hands on my own body during the EEG. This is important. My tech and mom will be happy if I follow directions.


EEG tech marks child's head

My tech will put a tape measure on my head. Then my tech will make little marks on my head with a crayon. This is okay. The marks will wash right off when we are all done. I like it when she makes a happy face on her finger. If I want her to, she can make one on my finger too.


EEG tech applies gel to child's head

Next, my tech will put a little bit of gel on each mark. It may feel cold and wet, but it won’t hurt. She will put a button on each spot of gel. There are 26 buttons in all. The buttons won’t hurt.

I can watch a movie, hold my stuffed animal, or talk to my mom while she does this. I just need to remember to lie still.


EEG tech wraps gauze around child's head

My tech will wrap gauze around my head to keep the buttons from moving. This is okay, I just need to lie still.


Mother and child laying down during EEG

Next my tech will lower the bed and turn off the lights and movie. My mom or dad will still be with me. I may hear my tech typing on the computer.


Child blowing pinwheel during EEG test

My tech may ask me to breathe fast or blow a pinwheel for a few minutes. I might feel dizzy. That’s okay. It will go away. My tech will tell me when to breathe fast and when it’s time to stop breathing fast. My tech and my mom will be happy if I do a good job.


EEG tech shows child flashing light

Next, my tech may show me a flashing light. The light may be bright to look at. I will try to lie still. I can hold my blanket and my favorite toy.

I will try to fall asleep when my tech asks me to. This is very important. My tech or my mom will wake me up in a few minutes.

When I wake up, I will lie still for a few minutes. Then my tech will take off the buttons. My tech will wash off the marks and the gel with a warm cloth. Ahh…that feels nice.


Mother and child exiting EEG

The EEG is all done. My tech might say “Good job!” or give me a prize. It is time to go. Having an EEG is not so hard. I know just what to do.

Adapted with permission from “Here We Go…for an EEG,” written by Trisha Raether and Norah Johnson. Originally published by maxiSHARE, a product line of Children’s Hospital and Health System. This information was developed and published through a grant from Autism Speaks.

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