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Neurosurgery Research

Dr. Bookland experimenting in neurosurgery lab

Connecticut Children’s Division of Neurosurgery seeks to better understand disorders that affect the pediatric nervous system. As part of the state’s only health system 100% dedicated to children, we are committed to advancing the field of pediatric neurosurgery. We work with other researchers regionally and nationally to improve pediatric neurosurgical understanding and clinical care.

Core Research Areas

  • Brain Tumors

    • Understand how small bits of genetic material affect pediatric brain tumor growth and survival
    • Improve outcomes in pediatric brain tumor patients
  • Patient Outcomes

    • Create more accurate models of pediatric cranial deformities to develop better treatments and screening
    • Use machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) to better understand how neurosurgical treatments impact pediatric patient outcomes
    • Optimize training and education in pediatric neurosurgery
    • Engage in national efforts for advocacy and education for pediatric neurosurgical patients
    • Improved outcomes in pediatric patients with hydrocephalus through participation in the implementation/quality improvement arm of the multi-center Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network.
  • Skull, Neck & Spine

    • Use ultrasound to prevent bone resorption after procedures involving the skull
    • Optimize evaluation and management of conditions impacting the spine at the junction of the head and neck

Recent Research Breakthroughs

close-up photo of lab equipment close up of lab equipment with provider hand microscope

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