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Newborn Screening Referral Resources for Medical Professionals

Please direct all calls related to follow-up after an abnormal newborn screening result, or care of the infant with a confirmed diagnosis, to the Connecticut Newborn Screening Network. Network coordinators are available Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at 860.837.7870 to provide support to families and healthcare professionals. Our fax number is 860.837.7871.

Through integration between EPIC, the Network’s electronic health record, and Quest Diagnostics, Network coordinators will now be able to directly view lab results for the majority of infants who need additional testing, reducing the need for frequent faxes and phone calls.


Connecticut Newborn Screening Program at the State Laboratory

Please continue to direct questions about NBS blood-spot specimen collection, results of repeat heel stick screening, Connecticut’s NBS panel, NBS waivers, and requests for NBS laboratory reports to the Connecticut Newborn Screening Program at the State Laboratory at 860.920.6628 or via email.

Newborn Screening Blood-Spot Specimen Cards

To order newborn screening blood-spot specimen cards, please call 860.920.6674.

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