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What to Expect: Visit with the Feeding Team

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Welcome! Here we go… to see the Feeding Team!

I need to see the Feeding Team at Connecticut Children’s. They will help me learn to eat different foods so that I can stay healthy.


I will bring some foods with me from home. Some of the foods I really like and some of the foods might be new. Yum!


We will leave our car with the valet or in the parking garage.


First, we will go to the front desk. We will get stickers with our names to put on our clothes.


I will put the sticker on my shirt. My family will get a sticker too!


Then we will ride the elevator to the 5th floor.


We will go to the check-in window. I can tell them my name and birthday.


I can play with toys, sit calmly, or read in the waiting room.


When I hear my name, I will walk to the doors with my family and meet the nutritionist.


The nutritionist may want to see how tall I am. I can stand calmly at the measuring board — it doesn’t hurt.


When we walk into the kitchen there will be 2 or 3 more fun people to meet. They will all tell us their names and say hello. Everyone wants to help me be healthy!


The nutritionist will ask me to stand on the scale. I will take my shoes off and stand still on the scale.


The nutritionist will tell me when I can get off of the scale. I can watch the numbers when I am on the scale.


When my weight is done, I will put my shoes on and sit at the table with my family and the new people I just met.


The people will ask me and my family about the foods I like to eat and what ones I don’t eat yet.


The speech therapist wants to make sure everything in my mouth works just right. She will look in my mouth and ask me to play silly games. She may ask me to puff my cheeks like a chipmunk, say “ahhh,” or wiggle my tongue around.


After the games, I get to try some of the foods from home or from the kitchen.


The therapists might play silly food games with me. I can taste, touch, smell and look at the foods if I want to. The games are fun, but if I don’t want to eat the foods, I don’t have to.


When the appointment is done, we can clean up.


The therapists and nutritionist may give me and my family food games to try and play at home. They may ask if I want to come back to play food games again.


It is time to go. I will walk with my family to the sticker station. I can take a sticker if I want one.


Now it is time to go. Going to see the Feeding Team is not so hard, I know just what to do!


This story is part of a series of stories originally developed in collaboration with Norah Johnson, of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and funded through a grant by Autism Speaks.

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