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Transitional Therapy & Sports Performance Training

Our Transitional Therapy & Sports Performance Training services are offered through Connecticut Children’s Division of Physical Therapy.

Our services include:

  • Continued rehabilitation and training under professional guidance
  • Monitoring the progress of rehabilitation after being discharged from physical therapy
  • Helping individuals return back to sports
  • Assistance with sports performance training

Who Can Benefit

Competitive and recreational athletes of all ages who wish to improve performance, reduce risk of injury or prefer to exercise with professional supervision can benefit from evidence-based exercise programs.

What to Expect

A 1-hour initial assessment completed by a Certified Exercise Physiologist/Certified Athletic Trainer will include a review of medical history and training experience, testing of strength, mobility, flexibility, posture and a functional movement screen.

Following the assessment, a comprehensive strength and conditioning program will be designed around the athlete’s needs. During the 1-hour sessions, a Certified Exercise Physiologist or Certified Athletic Trainer will safely coach individuals through training and toward set goals. The program will be designed to progressively challenge and improve strength, power, balance, flexibility, mobility, agility, speed, coordination and conditioning necessary for optimal performance. In addition, each participant will receive a home exercise program, appropriate nutritional and hydration education, and professional guidance on managing the many challenges that arise from intensive training.

Scheduling & Rates

Sessions are available by appointment only and subject to availability.
Schedule an appointment today: 860.837.9246
$50.00 per session
Group pricing available upon request.

Payments can be made by credit card or check made payable to: Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

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