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What to Expect: Sedation

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Welcome! What to expect during my special visit.

connecticut children's medical center building

I am going to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for a special test. I have to go to Sedation so that I can be asleep for my test. I can bring my blanket and a special toy with me. 


valet service

We will leave our car with the valet or in the parking garage.


First, we will go to the front desk. We will get stickers with our names to put on our clothes.


boy putting visitor sticker on shirt

I will put the sticker on my shirt. My Mom will get a sticker too! 


child and parent walking hallway to sedation

Then we will walk down the hallway to Sedation. 


sedation reception window

We are at Sedation! We will go to the check-in window. My Mom will tell the receptionist that I am ready for the test. 


putting medical bracelets on

She will give me a bracelet to put on my wrist. The bracelet will have my name! 


child coloring in the waiting room

I can watch TV or play with some toys while I am waiting to go in. 


nurse greeting patient and parent

Here is the nurse. She will take us inside. 


child standing on scale

First, I will stand on the scale to check my weight. 


Patient sitting on bed

I will sit or lie down on the bed. The bed feels soft and comfortable. 


child laying in bed

My mom will be right next to me. She will be with me the whole time! I can watch TV or play a game on an iPad if I want. 


nurse listening to child's heart

The nurse will talk to us. She will listen to my chest with a stethoscope. 


nurse taking child's temperature

She will take my temperature by moving the thermometer across my forehead…


nurse taking child's temperature

…ending below my ear! This might tickle, but it will not hurt. 


sticker with red light

She will put a sticker with a red light on my finger. This will not hurt. 


nurse taking child's blood pressure

She will check my blood pressure by putting a cuff on my arm. It will feel like a tight hug. 

The nurse does this to keep me safe. I need to be still and keep my hands on my own body. Everyone will be happy if I follow directions.


sedation doctor

A doctor will come to speak to us. The doctor will listen to my chest with a stethoscope and look into my mouth with a light. This will not hurt. 


sedation syringe

The nurse may use a syringe with a soft, white tip to put some medicine in my nose.


sedation syringe being applied to nose

This will not hurt. It is okay to spit if I don’t like how it tastes.


nurse holding sedation mask

The doctor may give me a mask that has the medicine in it. I can choose a special smell if I want to. 


nurse applying sedation mask

The mask feels soft on my face and it smells good! All I need to do is breathe and I will feel relaxed.


IV applied to hand

Next, my nurse may put an IV in my arm or my hand. It will feel like a quick pinch. She will use special tape to keep the IV in place. The doctor needs the IV to give me medicine that will make me sleepy.


child receiving slushy

When my special test is over, I will wake up. I may feel sleepy and tired. This is okay. When I am ready I will drink some juice, or I can get a slushy if I want one. It tastes great! 


child and parent getting ready to go home

Now it is time to go home. Everyone is happy that I did such a great job in Sedation! Going to Sedation is not so hard. Now I know just what to do. 


The Sedation Story was developed by Kalyani Raghavan, MBBS, MD, DCH, FAAP and Jennifer Twachtman-Bassett, MS, CCC-SLP with a grant from Autism Speaks.

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