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“Know the Signs: The Concussion Anthem”

About the Track

“Know the Signs: The Concussion Anthem” was written by David Wang, MD, MS, medical director of Connecticut Children’s Elite Sports Medicine division. The track was produced by Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Carvin Haggins (Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown) and features rapper Mark Steele and vocalist Briamarie.


Why Focus on Concussions?

Concussions are one of the top sports-related injuries and require prompt diagnosis and treatment. “Know the Signs: The Concussion Anthem” aims to help adolescent and young adult athletes recognize the signs of a concussion and seek immediate treatment. It is very dangerous to allow an athlete with concussion symptoms to sustain another blow. Learn more about concussions »

Support Concussion Research

Connecticut Children’s Elite Sports Medicine division is working to better understand symptoms and psychological factors influencing the recovery of concussions among adolescent athletes. You can help support these efforts by making a donation via Connecticut Children’s Foundation (select “other” and designate Elite Sports Medicine). Support us »

Watch “Know the Signs: The Concussion Anthem” on NBC Connecticut

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