Connecticut Children’s Audiology team offers comprehensive hearing aid services, including evaluations, fittings, follow-ups, and repairs. We develop a comprehensive treatment plan specific to each child.

During a hearing aid evaluation, you will learn about the types and styles of hearing aids. Your child’s audiologist will discuss the pros and cons of each hearing aid and help you decide which hearing aid will be best for your child. The selection of a hearing aid will depend on your child’s degree and type of hearing loss, as well as your child’s daily environment and needs.

Children under the age of 18 must obtain medical clearance for hearing aid use before the hearing aid fitting. If your child is receiving hearing aids for the first time, medical clearance needs to be obtained by an otolaryngologist (ENT physician). Click here for a medical clearance/medical evaluation form.

During the hearing aid fitting, you will learn how to properly use and care for the hearing aids. In addition, your child’s hearing aids will be verified and validated. Verificiation will ensure the hearing aids are providing adequate volume based on the appropriate prescription. Real-ear measurements and aided testing will be completed to help verify the hearing aid settings.

Validation outcomes are used to ensure your child is benefiting and is satisfied with his or her hearing aids. Validation may include aided vs. unaided testing, questionnaires, and self-reported benefit. Lastly, communication and adjustment strategies will be discussed to help your child succeed with his or her new hearing aids.

An initial hearing aid check will take place two to three weeks after the hearing aid fitting. Follow-up appointments will be based on the audiologist’s recommendation. At the least, a hearing aid check should be performed annually to ensure optimal fit of the hearing aids.

Hearing aid checks can include: aided testing, real-ear measurements, hearing evaluations, earmold impressions, earmold tubing changes, counseling, and more.

At one time or another, most hearing aids require some repair.  If your child’s hearing aid is not working appropriately, you can drop it off at any of our three locations during normal business hours. Minor repairs can take place in the office but there are times with the hearing aid must be sent out to the manufacturer.

Since manufacturer repairs can take between two and four weeks, our loaner hearing aid program is designed to maintain your child’s access to sound while repairs are made.

As long as your child has visited Connecticut Children’s for a hearing aid check and has had a hearing test within the past year, you can request a loaner hearing aid while your child’s hearing aid is out for repair. Connecticut Children’s loaner hearing aids are digital behind-the-ear hearing aids, fit to the needs of each child.

For questions about repairs or to request a loaner hearing aid for your child, please call 860.545.9642.


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