Connecticut Children's Adolescent Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Clinic (ABC Clinic) is made up of both hematology and adolescent medicine clinicians with expertise in the care of adolescents and young adult females with possible or confirmed bleeding and clotting disorders that affect menstruation.

About the ABC Clinic

The Adolescent Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Clinic, located at 599 Farmington Avenue in Farmington, Connecticut, offers specialized diagnosis and treatment options for females with heavy menstrual bleeding with or without subsequent iron deficiency anemia.

The ABC Clinic is linked to a comprehensive treatment center for bleeding disorders, one of over 130 federally designated Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs). The ABC Clinic also provides contraception for adolescents and young adults with an inherited clotting disorder or personal or family history of clotting. Connecticut Children’s ABC Clinic is scheduled 1-2 days a month but takes calls at all times.  

Why Choose Connecticut Children's?

When you come to the ABC Clinic you are receiving expert, coordinated care from two of our teams at one appointment. Patients and their families will be meeting with Connecticut Children’s board-certified adolescent medicine physicians as well as our pediatric hematologists.

Adolescent Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Clinic Team

Amanda Zuse, APRN-BC

Associate Director, Hemostasis & Thrombosis Program | Nurse Practitioner, Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders

Michael Isakoff, MD

Division Head, Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders | Director, Sarcoma Program | Director, Reid R. Sacco Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program | Medical Director, Connecticut Children’s Clinical Trials Unit

Donna Boruchov, MD

Medical Director, Pediatric Sickle Cell Program

Alyssa Bennett, MD

Division Head, Adolescent Medicine | The Burton and Phyllis Hoffman Family Endowed Chair in Adolescent Medicine

Laura McKay, MD

Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist | Director, Hemostasis & Thrombosis Program

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Is the ABC Clinic Right for My Adolescent?

Connecticut Children’s ABC Clinic provides care for adolescents and young women with heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, especially from their first period and lasting more than seven days every month.

This program benefits adolescents and young women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding despite being on hormonal medicines or who have required an emergency room visit or hospitalization due to heavy menstrual bleeding.

The ABC clinic also treats adolescents and young women who require treatment for anemia or iron deficiency due to heavy menstrual bleeding, or who have a personal or family history of bleeding disorders or blood clots.

Services We Provide

  • Laboratory  & radiologic assessment
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Insertion of IUD
  • Pelvic/gynecological exam (if necessary)
  • Transfusions (Hartford location)
  • Hemostatic therapy

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