Directed by Connecticut Children’s oncologist Andrea Orsey, MD, MSCE, the Cancer Supportive Care Program collaborates with medical providers and researchers on a regional, national and international basis to provide state-of-the-art supportive care for oncology and hematology patients. The program has been recognized for its clinical care and research efforts.

The Cancer Supportive Care Program is committed to providing evidence-based supportive care to patients, enhancing consistency between providers and treatment plans, and providing education regarding supportive care needs of our patients.

Areas of Focus

  • Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Management and prevention of side effects of cancer treatments (such as: fatigue, nausea and vomiting, heart health, etc)
  • Nutrition support
  • Pain management
  • Optimization of quality of life
  • Education of children, adolescents, young adults and families
  • Psychosocial support which helps to provide developmentally appropriate education, coping skills, resources, and emotional support

Our Care Team

Our supportive team works in a collaborative environment to enhance research and education related to pediatric cancer for patients and their families.

Our medical oncologist, Andrea Orsey, MD, MSCE, is well-versed in the most current research data and clinical innovations related to cancer supportive care. 

A clinical nurse specialist, Mary Keller, MSN, RN, CPHON, is dedicated to the care and education of pediatric oncology patients and their families.

A clinical research nurse, Tiffany Ruiz, RN, BSN, CPN, CCRC, is dedicated to promoting supportive care research and offering research opportunities to our patients and families.

A clinical social worker, Elizabeth Lachat, LCSW, is focused on providing psychosocial support and resources to the patient and family.

Lauren Ayr-Volta, PhD & Siddika Mulchan, Psy.D. specialize in the psychosocial impact of pediatric cancer.