Recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Connecticut Children’s antimicrobial stewardship program helps providers at Connecticut Children’s deliver optimal therapy to their patients with infectious diseases. We do this through:

  • Monitoring antimicrobial resistance trends and local antimicrobial usage
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  • Education to providers, nurses, and pharmacists
  • Assistance with clinical decision-making
  • Creation of clinical pathways and protocols to optimize or streamline therapy
  • Review of antimicrobial usage for targeted disease states and disease states with clinical pathways
  • Protection of antimicrobials (i.e. second-sign restrictions) that are at high risk for inappropriate usage, adverse effects or selection of resistance
  • Review and discussion of antimicrobial usage and microbiology results to educate and assist providers in appropriate antimicrobial usage
  • Review and recommendations of management of antimicrobials during periods of national shortages or unavailability

We work closely with Connecticut Children’s committees for Infection Prevention, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Our committee is composed of individuals from all the necessary departments recommended for an ASP, as well as clinical representatives from many of the medical specialties at Connecticut Children’s.