Infectious diseases continue to impose a tremendous health burden to children in the United States and abroad. Attempts to control these diseases have been hampered by an incomplete understanding of their pathogenesis, as well as the associated disease manifestations and transmission mechanisms.

The Division of Infectious Diseases & Immunology at Connecticut Children’s aims to strengthen and advance research capacity and, by doing so, contribute to improved prevention, treatment, and control of endemic or epidemic infectious diseases.

Our areas of research include syphilis, borreliosis, COVID-19, kawasaki disease & MIS-C, ebola, malaria, antimicrobial resistance, pneumonia, osteomylitis, congenital Infections, medical education, clinical trials in collaboration with pharmaceutical pharmacies, antimicrobial stewardship, quality improvement, advanced clinical pathways, and global health issues. In collaboration with the University of Connecticut Health Center, Juan Salazar, MD, Justin Radolf, MD, and Kelly Hawley, PhD, continue their highly successful and productive combined translational spirochetal biology research in the Spirochete Research Labs.