If your child is interested in contact lenses, please let us know prior to their appointment. At Connecticut Children’s, we carry lenses for astigmatism, extended use, dailies, and many more options. During your child’s exam, we will set aside time to explain these different types of contact lenses, and pick the best option based on your child’s individual needs and lifestyle.

What to Expect at Your Visit

Please note that contact lens fittings are a separate service from your child’s regular eye examinations, and separate fees apply. See our pricing guide for details.

If your child currently wears contact lenses, please bring their current contact lens prescription or a current contact lens box.

  • One of our ophthalmic assistants will check your child’s vision. This takes about 5 minutes.
  • Your child’s doctor will spend about 20 minutes taking measurements to fit them for their specialized prescription contact lenses.
    If your child is new to contact lenses, plan another 45 minutes for your child to learn about proper care and storage, and practice inserting and removing their lenses. One of our ophthalmic assistants will help them through this process to make sure they feel comfortable and confident! (More on this below.)
  • Your child may be required to return for a follow-up exam before their prescription is finalized, approximately one week after their initial eye exam. Their doctor will re-evaluate the fit of the contact lenses, recheck their vision and make sure that the lens is the best fit for their eyes. If your child’s prescription needs any adjustments, they’ll make those changes now. Follow-up exams completed within the wear period specified by the contact lens company are included in the fitting fee.

We offer a wide selection of contact lenses, including daily wear, extended wear, toric, and special fits.

Learning to Apply Contact Lenses

If your child is brand new to contact lenses, applying them the first couple of times can be challenging. Connecticut Children’s Eye Care team is here to help! At your child’s contact lens appointment:

  • Our optometrist will show your child how to safely insert and remove their contact lenses.
  • Your child will be required to successfully insert and remove the contact lenses 3 times on their own, or with the help of their parent or guardian, prior to going home with trial lenses. An ophthalmic assistant will educate you and your child about proper handling and storage of the lenses, proper wearing schedules, the risks of wearing your lenses for too long, and other important contact lens information to ensure their ocular health is not compromised. If your child is unable to insert and remove the contact lenses 3 times at their first appointment, we will schedule a follow-up visit.
  • Our optometrist will check that your child’s new contact lenses are the right prescription and size for their eyes, and that they can wear them comfortably.