The Schroth method is a type of physical therapy for children with scoliosis, kyphosis, and other conditions of the spine and rib cage. It involves corrective breathing and strengthening exercises which aim to improve overall postural alignment, reduce pain, and slow or prevent progression of spine and rib deformities.

Connecticut Children’s skilled physical therapists use the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School’s (BSPTS) Rigo Concept, a leading conservative treatment for scoliosis based on the Schroth Method. Patients are taught exercises during physical therapy sessions with the expectation that they continue to practice these exercises at home at least 5x/week for optimal outcomes.

Schroth-based treatment has been shown to enhance bracing outcomes, however, your child may still benefit from Schroth intervention if they are not a candidate for bracing.

Ask your orthopedic physician if your child is a candidate for Schroth-based therapy. Schroth-based services are currently offered at our Hartford and Farmington locations.

Patient Story

Get inspired and read about Lindsay's journey through diagnosis to treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.