Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Special Visits


Connecticut Children’s welcomes group or individual special visits that offer fun and enriching experiences for our patients and families.

Special visitors interact with patients and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings, doing room-to-room visits, performances, or special events and activities. Examples include, but are not limited to, celebrities, sports teams, and musical/theatrical performances.

Special visits must be approved, pre-scheduled, and supervised by Child Life staff and/or Family Resource Center (FRC) staff.

  1. Proof of flu vaccination will be required prior to the visit during the winter season.
  2. All special visitor groups or individuals must complete the Special Visitor Application below. All special visits must be approved by Child Life and/or Family Resource Center staff.
  3. Special visitors must be at least (18) years old to interact with patients in any area where patients and family members are present. If a formal performance is given in the playroom or Family Resource Center, up to (10) visitors may be in the group. Individual room visits are limited to (4) people in a group.  With consideration for our patients and families we need to limit the number of guests we tour at one time. Child Life or the Family Resource Center will use their discretion on a case-by-case basis depending on clinical considerations. Please limit “extra” people (those not directly participating in the visit) as they will still count in the total number.
  4. Special visits or events on the inpatient units take place Monday through Friday during daytime hours. Inpatient visits or performances are not permitted on evenings, weekends, or holidays. Special visits or events in the Family Resource Center take place primarily Monday-Friday during daytime or early evening hours. Family Resource Center visits or performances are not permitted on holidays.
  5. All activities must be preapproved by Child Life or the Family Resource Centerprior to day of visit. Activities should be easily adapted to include children of all ages and abilities.
  6. Performances take place in one of the inpatient playrooms, designated outpatient areas, or Family Resource Center. Child Life and the Family Resource Center determine where the event is most appropriate, as well as have final say what equipment, materials, etc. may be used.
  7. Events or performances on inpatient units will last no longer than 45 minutes in duration.
  8. Room to room visits will be determined by Child Life. To ensure that all patients who wish to participate in the event, please allow 90 minutes for your visit.
  9. Arrangements must be made in advance if you wish to have photographs of patients taken for your organization’s use or publication. Written permission of a child and parent on your organization’s Media Release Form is required. Please submit this form to Child Life or the Family Resource Center, which will be forwarded to both the Legal and Corporate Communications departments at Connecticut Children’s for review and approval.
  10. Because our patients come from a variety of religious, political, and social backgrounds, the content of any visit must be religiously and politically neutral.
  11. Toys or favors approved by Child Life or the Family Resource Center may be distributed to patients. We encourage you to bring a small token so the children can have something to remember your visit by. Please plan on providing for 100 patients, ages 0 – 18 years. No food or candy can be distributed.
  12. Performances must not include the use of latex balloons, fires, candles, knives, or other potentially harmful materials.
  13. Activities must not deal with threatening themes such as death, separation, abandonment, mutilation, illness, and/or medical procedures.
  14. Animals are not permitted for any special visit or performance.
  15. Costumes must be officially licensed or trademarked.
  16. Costumes must be pre-approved prior to the date of your visit.
  17. Costumes must be dry cleaned or washed in their entirety prior to your visit.
  18. Costumes must not be frightening, and faces should be visible. For example: monsters, wicked witch, ghosts, vampire, etc.


If you are interested in participating in a special visit, please fill out our

Special Visitor Application

Special Visitor Application

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