Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Center for Global Health

Throughout the world there are children becoming sick and dying of preventable diseases. These children have the same hopes and dreams as children in our communities and in our state. But because of where they were born they do not have access to the same quality of care that is provided at Connecticut Children’s.

Many lives can be saved by addressing limitations in perinatal care, endemic malnutrition, limited or no access to clean drinking water, lack of immunizations, and limited availability of medicines and medical equipment. Childhood mortality rates can be lowered by working with local healthcare providers to augment the available medical training and institute sustainable “train-the-trainer models” in order to improve the care provided.

Connecticut Children’s Center for Global Health team is dedicated to improving the physical and emotional health of children around the world by supporting our staff and faculty in their activities to build the capacity of nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers in developing countries.

Connecticut Children’s providers have traveled to such countries as:

  • Haiti
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Cameroon
  • Guatamala
  • Paraguay
  • Romania
  • Nicaragua
  • India
  • Botswana
  • Ethiopa
  • Ivory Coast
  • Jordan
  • Afghanistan
  • Helping to develop long-term strategies to increase the capacity of local healthcare providers
  • Serving as consultants for children with advanced and complex diseases
  • Securing and providing education regarding the necessity for clean drinking water
  • Educating medical personnel to improve newborn mortality rates
  • Providing medical and surgical care
  • Performing cardiac surgery
  • Treating HIV
  • Researching
  • Establishing programs for children with insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Repairing cleft lips
Dr. Campbell's Story

Dr. Brendan Campbell, surgeon at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, speaks to his clinical colleagues about his most recent trip to Haiti and the challenges and opportunities that present themselves.

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