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James Wiley II, MD, MPH

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician

Practice Name Connecticut Children's Specialty Group


BA, Duke University, 1981
MD, Duke University School of Medicine, 1985
MPH, Yale School of Medicine, 2006

Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 1985-1988

Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 1988-1990

Board Certifications

  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Faculty Appointment

    Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

    Clinical Expertise

    Dr. Wiley is the founding medical director for Emergency Department and the first Division Head for Pediatric Emergency Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He has published or edited more than 280 original articles and online topics in the areas of evidence-based pediatric emergency medicine practice, emergency department administration and medical toxicology.

    Dr. Wiley was a medical officer for the CT-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team and provided medical relief care to victims of Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and Hurricane Sandy. From 2002-2007, he served as the pediatric consultant for disaster preparedness to the State of Connecticut. Dr. Wiley is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

    In addition, Dr. Wiley is an in-house physician editor for adult and pediatric emergency medicine at UpToDate, a leading web-based medical textbook and clinical decision support resource.

    Selected Publications

    • LeBaron J, Culberson MC III, Wiley JF II, Smith SR. ‘Be Quick’: a systems response to overcrowding in the pediatric emergency department. Pediatr Emerg Care 2010; 26:1.

    • Wiley JF II, Fuchs S, Brotherton SE, Burke G, Cull WL, Friday J, Simon HK, Jewett E, Mulvey H. A comparison of pediatric emergency medicine and general emergency medicine physicians’ practice patterns: results from the Future of Pediatric Education II (FOPE II) Survey of Sections Project. Pediatr Emerg Care, 18:153-158, 2002.

    • Scribano PV, Wiley JF II, Platt K. Use of an observation unit by a pediatric emergency department for common pediatric illnesses. Pediatric Emergency Care. 17(5):321-3, 2001.

    • Wiley JF II, Friday J, Nowakowski T, Pittsinger-Kazimer L, Platt K, Scribano P. Observation Units: The Role of an outpatient extended treatment site in pediatric care. Pediatr Emerg Care, 1998, 14:444-447.

    • Wiley CC, Wiley JF II. Pediatric benzodiazepine ingestion resulting in hospitalization. J Tox Clin Tox, 1998, 36:227-231.

    • Wiley JF, Hegenbarth M, Krug S, Karasic RB, Hall ML, Apple G, Bowman B. Pediatric emergency medicine fellow clinical work requirements. Pediatr Emerg Care, 1995; 11:381-388.

    • Wiley JF, Bell LM, Rosenblum LS, Nussbaum J, Tobin R, Henretig FM. Lead poisoning: low rates of screening and high prevalence among children seen in inner-city emergency departments. J Pediatr 1995;126:392-295.

    • Wiley JF, Wiley CC, Torrey SB, Henretig FN. Clonidine poisoning in young children. J Pediatr 1990; 116: 654-658.

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