Connecticut Children’s Surgery Center at Farmington

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Pediatric Surgery Specialists Closer to Home

At Connecticut Children’s Surgery Center at Farmington, performing outpatient pediatric surgical procedures is our specialty. Taking the stress out of the experience for you and your family is our mission.

A Surgery Center Focused on Your Comfort, Convenience and Child

Unlike other ambulatory surgery centers, we specialize in outpatient procedures and services for your child at The Surgery Center at Farmington. Every surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurse is certified in pediatric operating room and perioperative care. Our 18,000 square-foot surgery center features kid-friendly décor, free parking and plentiful amenities designed with the comfort and convenience of you and your family in mind.

Surgical Excellence and Innovation

Dr. Lee Pace is the first orthopedic surgeon in the nation to perform arthroscopic trochleoplastiesOur surgeons are innovators and leaders in the field whose breakthrough treatments include the nation’s first arthroscopic reconstruction procedure for kneecap instability. We perform a range of other scheduled, non-complex ambulatory and day surgeries and services that include:

Tailored Care

Child-Friendly Anesthesia

When it comes to sedation, children respond differently than adults. Our anesthesiologists complete pediatric fellowships and are trained in the unique requirements of pediatric patients, whether newborns, toddlers or young adults. We practice sedation techniques developed specifically for children and administer them in ways that minimize anxiety for both children and their parents that include:

  • Flavored and scented masks
  • Kid-sized equipment
  • Allowing parents to accompany children to the OR for sedation procedure

Low-Dose Scans for Kids Are a Safety Priority

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s computerized tomography (CT) scan radiation doses are among the lowest in the country – 2-3 times less than many adult hospitals. We achieved our low-radiation status through a variety of efforts – starting with the machines we use. We constantly evaluate our procedures to ensure that kids are getting the lowest radiation exposure possible at all times.

Although radiation exposure is a concern for both adults and children, there are unique considerations in children:

  • Studies have shown that children are considerably more sensitive to radiation than adults.
  • Since children have a longer life expectancy than adults, there’s more opportunity for radiation exposure to have harmful effects.
  • If CT scan settings aren’t adjusted for a child’s smaller body size, the child may receive a higher radiation dose than necessary.

Operating rooms at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Farmington are equipped with mobile C-arm x-ray machines that provide high-resolution images in real time, allowing surgeons to monitor progress during the entire procedure. This ensures your child is receiving the best and safest care possible at all times.

And since our staff performs CT scans on thousands of children each year, they’re able to interpret results at even lower resolution.

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Connecticut Children’s Surgery Center at Farmington is convenient to get to and centrally located at:

505 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06032

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To get here, take Exit 39 (for Route 4) from I-84

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