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Pathway Background and Objective(s)

As confirmed cases of Coronavirus rise in the United States, Connecticut Children’s is taking a proactive approach to prepare for pediatric cases in Connecticut. We are working closely with the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At this point in time, there is no evidence that children have a greater risk for COVID-19. The greatest number of reported infections are occurring in the adult population. There have, however, been some reported infections in children, most resulting in minor respiratory infections and flu-like symptoms. No vaccine or specific treatment for COVID-19 is available; care is supportive.

The specific objectives of the COVID-19 clinical pathways are to:

  • Educate community primary care and hospital-based providers on how to evaluate and diagnose patients with a possible COVID-19 infection
  • Understand how to appropriately triage patients with possible COVID-19 infection, including when to send patients to the emergency department
  • Ensure medical staff understand proper isolation and personal protective equipment procedures


Key References

Pathway Contacts

  • John Schreiber, MD
  • Heather Tory, MD
  • Dara Tynan, MD
  • Anand Sekaran, MD
  • Sarah Matney, RN
  • Scott Van Epps, RT
  • Michele McKee, MD
  • Carla Pruden, MD
  • Grace H. Hong, APRN
  • Annmarie Golioto, MD
  • Brett Citarella, MD
  • David Sink, MD
  • Kenneth Banasiak, MD
  • Heather Schlott, MD
  • Jennifer Girotto, PharmD


The clinical pathways in the above links have been developed specifically for use at Connecticut Children’s and are made available publicly for informational and/or educational purposes only. The clinical pathways are not intended to be, nor are they, a substitute for individualized professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Although Connecticut Children’s makes all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the posted content, Connecticut Children’s makes no warranty of any kind as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or its fitness for use at any particular facility or in any individual case.

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