The Asthma Center at Connecticut Children’s is located at 12 Charter Oak Place, 2nd floor, Hartford, CT 06106


The Asthma Center focuses its research on innovative approaches to asthma management. To date, Asthma Center staff have authored more than 31 publications.

Research publications include:

  • The Provider and Organization in Asthma Guidelines
  • Easy Breathing Statewide Initiative
  • The Experience of Puerto Rican Families in the Emergency Department for Asthma
  • Healthy Hill Kids
  • Childhood Asthma Intervention Program
  • An Environmental Allergen Exposure Reduction Strategy
  • Studies of Asthma in Hispanic Children
  • Managed Care Organization Use of Pediatric Asthma Management Program
  • Easy Breathing Community Initiative
  • School-based Health Center Asthma Intervention Project
  • Effectiveness of an Allergen Reduction Intervention in Child Care Centers
  • Transplacental Transfer in the Development of Atopy
  • Use of Office of Spirometry in Managing Pediatric Asthma
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