The Asthma Center at Connecticut Children’s is located at 12 Charter Oak Place, 2nd floor, Hartford, CT 06106


Easy Breathing© Program

Easy Breathing© is a community-based asthma management program that translates national asthma guidelines into a useable format for clinicians.

The Asthma Center provides the tools and training that primary care practices need to administer Easy Breathing. Through onsite and web-based training by Connecticut Children’s staff, primary care providers can learn how to provide better asthma care to children.

To learn more about Easy Breathing, contact Jessica Hollenbach, PhD, AE-C, at 860.837.5333.

Read the latest edition of the Easy Breathing newsletter >

Spirometry Training

The Asthma Center offers spirometry training to clinicians and technicians who perform pulmonary function tests in independent pediatric practices.

Spirometry measures the mechanical functioning of the lungs and is an important tool in asthma assessment. Training takes place in two four-hour sessions that are at least one week apart.

Upon completion of the training, attendees are able to:

  • Correctly perform spirometry
  • Assess test quality and interpret results accurately
  • Understand and use predicted normal values
  • Recognize patterns of abnormality
  • Determine disease type and severity
  • Determine reversibility

For more information on spirometry training, download our spirometry brochure or call 860.545.9442.

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