Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center is located at 10 Columbus Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Hartford, CT

Super Safe Comics

Super Safe Comics™ is an educational series focused on safety and injury prevention for children and families. The 16-page comic books are for children from kindergarten through fourth grade. Each issue features Captain Super Safe and his friends as they tackle safety issues including, bicycle and helmet safety, pedestrian safety, dog bite prevention, water safety, fire safety, and concussion education. The series is written by Kevin Borrup and illustrated by Scott DaRos and Alexis Deprey.


Super Safe Comics are available FREE to schools, libraries and community organizations in Connecticut and it may also be licensed for use. The Super Safe Comics Partners licensing program allows other children’s hospitals to re-print the comics branded with their own logos and the logos of their local community partners. Super Safe Comics may also be used for Public Safety Announcements. For more information, call the Injury Prevention Center, 860.545.9988.

Publication of this comic is made possible through support from Kohl’s Cares and the Kohl’s Tween Safe Program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

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