Ascend Governance Structure

Governance Framework

The Governance Framework is intended to provide a structure to facilitate collaborative leadership and management of the North Hartford Ascend Pipeline (Ascend). The Governance Framework is also intended to promote transparency related to priority setting, decision-making, project progress, and accountability. Community and resident representation will be embedded throughout the governance structure to help ensure that community and resident value is the driving force behind Ascend. 

Ascend Governance Framework

Ascend Teams and Work Groups 

To ensure residents are engaged in every aspect of the North Hartford Ascend Pipeline, community members are encouraged to join a Governance Team or Work Group as a Community Representative. Such representatives will provide input, make recommendations, and share expertise to help design and implement the North Hartford Ascend Pipeline. Community Representatives will receive a stipend for their time and effort. 

Apply Now

Please complete an application to become a Community Representative on an Ascend Governance Team or Work Group, or reach out to with any questions. All applications are due by Monday, May 23, 2022, and Community Representatives will be announced on Monday, June 20, 2022. 

Available Opportunities:

    • Leadership Team​ 
      • Lead the design, implement, evaluate, and support sustainability of Ascend. 
    • Management Team
      • Facilitate and implement operational and administrative aspects of Ascend, such as contract, work plan, and budget management. 
    • Data and Evaluation Work Group
      • Focus on activities related to the collection of data, quality monitoring and improvement, process evaluation, outcome evaluation, and the processes and infrastructure needed to support these activities.  
    • Family Navigation System BuildingWork Group
      • Focus on activities related to improving communication, coordination, and collaboration among pipeline service providers, including designing and implementing a universally accessible pipeline and processes and infrastructure needed to support the pipeline. 
    • Community and Family EngagementWork Group 
      • Focus on soliciting and elevating community and resident voices in the design, implementation, and evaluation. 

Teams and Work Groups Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Listen and seek understanding.​
  • Participate in monthly meetings.​
  • Participate in daylong retreats (twice per year).​
  • Complete required meeting preparation and follow-up. ​
  • Serve as a connection between Ascend and community. ​
  • Provide input on the special needs, interests, and opportunities for residents and families in North Hartford.​
  • Represent Ascend at other formal and informal convenings, gatherings, and meetings.
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