There are a few tried-and-true ways to prepare your child for a doctor’s visit: Talk about it ahead of time. Pretend through play. Practice calming exercises like making a coping toolbox

Best of all? Bring a few comfort items! (Your child will love this step.) 

Put your child in charge of choosing a few items, and being responsible for them at their appointment. This can help them feel more comfortable before and during their visit, because they’ll know what to expect, and will feel more in control of their experience. 

Here are ideas.

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16 Comfort Items Your Child Can Bring to a Doctor’s Visit

1. Cozy blanket or weighted blanket, if this helps your child relax at home

2. Small toy or stuffed animal

3. Favorite book

4. Activity book like a word search, coloring book, or I Spy book

5. Sticker pack

6. Fidget gadget like a fidget spinner, cube or popper

7. Play-Doh, stress ball, thinking putty, or slime (great for squeezing if they get scared)

8. Ice pack (to apply before and after their shot)

9. Medical play kit, so they can follow along

10. Soothing music or audio book (and headphones)

11. A favorite app or handheld game (ideally, that they can play with one hand)

12. An interesting video (cued up and ready to go)

A child holds a stuffed animal

Comfort items for kids with sensory issues 

13. Noise-canceling headphones or ear muffs

14. Baseball cap

15. Sunglasses

16. Mints, lollipops, gum, or chocolate to cancel out strong smells and tastes

What are you allowed to bring to your child’s doctor appointment? 

Be sure to check with your child’s doctor for what’s allowed, and ask if they have other suggestions. Let us know if your child has any special needs or sensitivities, so we can plan ahead to support your child.

Good luck planning ahead – and once it’s time for your child’s visit at Connecticut Children’s, know that our team is excited to give them all the care and support they need!

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